Samantha Berg

Head of Design,Chime

How to shift from a critique culture to a workshop culture

🗓 Monday, October 18 at 4:00 PM EST
Want to create a team that builds each other up and "plusses" each others' work? Shift your culture from one of critique to one of workshop. I'll tell you about some of the rituals you can put in place to build a culture of open and honest feedback that makes the work, and your designers, better.
Speaker Bio
I'm a design leader with nearly 15 years of experience envisioning, creating, and shipping next-generation consumer products. I build, lead, and motivate teams with proven success across a variety of environments, including large-scale tech companies, mid-sized design consulting firms, and venture backed start-ups. I'm passionate about building tight-knit high-performing teams and creating cultures of inclusion and equity. I've created and led women's groups at multiple organizations and I regularly speak at events in the design and fintech communities around how to design your career and how to create inclusive products that empower.
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