Nahiyan Khan

Lead UX Engineer of Design Systems, Lifion by ADP

Visualizing Design Tokens at Scale

🗓 Tuesday, October 19 at 11:00 AM EST
Design Tokens are amazing. They’re also complicated. I approached our enterprise design token infrastructure from a network data problem perspective and built an interactive data visualization to map out every style and concept. This allowed us to create more meaningful design groupings, see the ripple effect of change, and scale safely. I will walk through what we did and the results, including how it helped us supercharge our design craft, drive our design-engineering alignment and improved our front end engineering processes.
Speaker Bio
Nahiyan Khan is a designer-engineer and a design system implementation lead. He is passionate about creating inclusive environments where people are appreciated, and designing processes that allow designers and engineers to do their best work together. Nahiyan has 8 years of experience in product design, and has shipped three production design systems. The last three years, he has been focused on building a UX Engineering discipline as well as mentoring junior designer-engineers. He is currently wrapping up a part-time Computer Science master's degree at John Hopkins University, with concentrations in enterprise software development, DevOps, and data visualization. On the side, he dedicate his time to his furry feline friend Freyja, rock climbing, and tinkering with Arduinos. His retirement plan is to design and build hand-crafted furniture.
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