Kateryna Korovkina

Design Manager,Eleks

Tough Call: Facilitating Remote Decision Making

๐Ÿ—“ Wednesday, October 20 at 10:00 AM EST
Participatory decision making has never been easy - teams tend to avoid it due to difficult group dynamics and numerous stakeholders. And switching to remote doesn't really help... In these circumstances, how can we make sure everyone is heard? In this talk we'll discuss: - What is participatory decision making and what are the methods to facilitate it remotely? - How to facilitate sessions with complex stakeholder groups and conflicting interests? - How to deal with disruptive and resistive behaviour? - Is it possible to foster creativity and increase engagement in remote collaboration?
Speaker Bio
Kateryna is a London-based Design Manager at a software company Eleks and UX Consultant. Her main focus is on helping companies build effective design teams, grow UX maturity and establish product discovery processes. Kateryna has 10 years of experience in Product Design and has worked in diverse sectors with top tier global corporations and start-ups in the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Japan. With a MA degree in Management & Entrepreneurship, she enjoys combining her knowledge of business with product design and leadership skills. Kateryna is an AIPMM Certified Product Manager and a proud member of Interaction Design Foundation and British Interactive Media Association. Outside of work hours, she enjoy doing public speaking and writing for publications like UX Collective and The Startup, as well as travel photography and arts.
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