Eric Alves

Content Designer,Dropbox

Multisensory design — designing for the future by designing for all

🗓 Monday, October 18 at 12:00 PM EST
Centering the needs of those on the periphery is the best way to design resilient products for everyone. This is more important than ever before as millions shift to remote work for the first time and need to focus under a variety of unpredictable circumstances.
Speaker Bio
I'm a Content Designer who has worked on the intersection of accessibility and written UX at Dropbox since 2017. Since 2020 I\'ve been taking more opportunities to speak up about the need to center accessibility and inclusive design to make products more flexible and resilient for everyone facing unexpected circumstances — just as we all are as we continue to work from home. Open to giving dedicated talks, participating in panels, and other ways to contribute my perspective on inclusive design through the Content lens.
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